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Aye-catching Tumbleweed Homes: Tumbleweed Popomo ~ Home Ideas Inspiration

September 13th, 2013. Home Ideas, Aye-catching Tumbleweed Homes.

Tumbleweed homes offer a variety of extra small and convenient homes that can be carried around using a car. This means you can take a long vacation without having to worry about a place to stay there are different variety in this type of convenient house. For example, there is the XS house. Just as the name implies this unique tiny wheeled house can be carried around by a car and provide you with small and compact house with stylish design. This type of house is the smallest house provide by the tumbleweed house company. You can find a small ceiling air conditioner, sleeping loft, kitchen and bathroom. The small and compact size of this house provides efficient uses that still give you comfortable space to use.

The second house type that is offered by tumbleweed homes is the popomo type house. The popomo house created with the anti-corrosion material that will provide you with durable made compact house for your convenience. The popomo will give you stylish and beautiful interior that can match even the most modern type house this day. There are great rooms complete with classy interiors that will give your relaxing and comfortable feels around you. The tumbleweed popomo kitchen also gives you various kinds of modern decoration to make you feels comfortable.

Finally, the third products offered by the tumbleweed homes are the cypress 20. This unique wheeled house will give you classic design that incorporated wooden feeling around it. Yes, you will get unique and natural experience if you are using this house. The cabin inspired design will give you natural feels and makes you feel closer to the nature. This house is created compete with kitchen, great room and various feature for your convenience. If you like natural and traditional looks of a wooden cabin then this house is a perfect choice for you.

Aye-catching Tumbleweed Homes: Tumbleweed Homes Kitchen ~ Home Ideas InspirationAye-catching Tumbleweed Homes: Tumbleweed Sleeping Loft1 ~ Home Ideas InspirationAye-catching Tumbleweed Homes: The Smallest Tumbleweed Home ~ Home Ideas Inspiration

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Aye-catching Tumbleweed Homes : Tumbleweed PopomoAye-catching Tumbleweed Homes : Tumbleweed Homes KitchenAye-catching Tumbleweed Homes : The Smallest Tumbleweed HomeAye-catching Tumbleweed Homes : Tumbleweed Sleeping Loft1Aye-catching Tumbleweed Homes : Tumbleweed Homes Living RoomAye-catching Tumbleweed Homes : Tumbleweed Tiny Home Interior Shots1Aye-catching Tumbleweed Homes : New Tumbleweed Tiny HouseAye-catching Tumbleweed Homes : A Tumbleweed KitchenAye-catching Tumbleweed Homes : Tumbleweed BedroomAye-catching Tumbleweed Homes : XS House By TumbleweedAye-catching Tumbleweed Homes : Tumbleweed Cypress 20 Home

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